How it all began?

Very often people ask me this question ; “When did I start dancing?” To which I reply “when I was 5 years old I started training in bharathanatyam “. However there is one more story which I usually do not tell people as I feel it might be termed as very ‘senti’ by most and to a large extent unnecessary.

It happened when I was 3 years old. I was in a very small township (something like a colony) called Kalpakkam. One can easily imagine the amount of exposure to classical dancing that a kid in such a place will possibly have. However one fine evening for an event conducted in the only auditorium (which was also open air) in the small town, Ms.priyadarshini Govind was to perform. My mother being a sincere rasika took me to the event & got a place in the first row. After witnessing this program I came home and kept showing my mom how she entered the stage and exit-ed for 3 days. 😀 😀 😀 And thats when she identified my love for dance 🙂 I somehow like it when ever my mother narrates this story as it gives me a feeling that somewhere this art choose me and makes me feel special 😛


Me & My world of Happiness

Introducing myself; I am a Bharathanatyam Dancer from Bangalore. A student of this art form for the last 19 years. I am a disciple of Bangalore’s well known Dancer Couple Gurus Sri Kiran Subramanyam and Smt Sandhya Kiran. I perform as a free lance artiste with some of the best dance companies based from Bangalore. I have also been teaching Bharatanatyam for the last few years.

This blog shall enlist my experiences as a performer, a student of dance and a teacher of an ancient art form in today’s contemporary world. If you are a teacher/student of dance, a dance enthusiast, a parent who wants her kid to pursue this art, a connoisseur or anyone who is slightly inclined towards Indian Dancing, you might have some interesting things to read.

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